Print Design Portfolio


Pulse Media “Viva La Resolution” Campaign



As the production business evolved, Pulse Media needed a new ad campaign, to give a fresh look to their services.  The new ads would have to establish Pulse’s place in the market as a premier shooter of high definition video, but also demonstrate the variety of creative services offered.  The ad design had to be flexible enough to scale to a number of different formats.  Specific elements in the design spoke to the audience of trade magazines, such as the use of scan-lines in the design, and the various camera formats in the crowd. Bright colors and sharp angles brought energy to the ad, while the use of silhouettes strengthened visual themes from Pulse Media’s other

video marketing materials.



  • Art Director
  • Designer

Application of Campaign

  • (above) Half-page ad for local trade magazine
  • (left)  Smaller version for national trade magazine
  • (below left) Quarter-page ad for film festival collateral
  • (below right) Examples of ad placement