Case Studies—Video & Motion Graphics


National Brain Tumor Society (2009)



  • Co-Creative Director
  • Post-Production Art Director
  • Motion Graphics


Final Video


In 2009, the Boston-based Brain Tumor Society had just merged with the San Francisco-based National Brain Tumor Foundation to form the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS). For their Annual Meeting, they wanted to demonstrate how the expanded services and scope of the two organizations comp-limented one another, and they wanted to lay out their hopes and plans for the future of the organization.


Guiding Pieces

Invitation—The map was a key symbol of the organization moving forward, and would be part of a visual theme for their Annual Meeting.  It represented organizational unity—bringing together patients, researchers, & service providers from across the country.

Print Brochure—Patients, researchers, & advocates get equal billing in the marketing for the new organization.


Knowing that non-profits need to maximize the use of every dollar they spent on a video, we recommended conducting the interviews on green screen. This allowed NBTS to incorporate many visual elements of their latest branding, and gave them the option of repurposing the material in the future.

Pitch Storyboards—Examples of an interview with lower third ID, informational text frame & option for a split screen treatment.

Additional Collateral

We wanted to make sure that the video we created or NBTS had a long shelf-life, so that the organization could maximize its investment. Here is an example of a PSA for one of their walks that I made using a template I created for future NBTS projects.