Case Studies—Video & Motion Graphics


Covanta Energy: Rethink (2008)



  • Co-Creative Director
  • On-Set Art Director
  • Post-Production Art Director
  • Motion Graphics/Animator
  • Stock Photographer


Final Video


Covanta Energy needed a video that would provide an overall introduction to their company and explain and contextualize the Energy-from-Waste process they use, for the communities they serve.  They also wanted to incorporate their key marketing themes and messaging, with a special emphasis on the environmental impact of their services.


Guiding Pieces

Website Flash Animation—Playful animation showing items of trash being dropped into frame & then transformed by a rolling lid into icons representing electricity.

Print Collateral—Selections from a brochure & their 2006 Annual Report show a focus on environ-mental imagery, as well as an emphasis on a clean, gridded format.


We proposed creating the video around dynamic, animating grids of imagery and text.  This allowed us to maximize the amount of factual information conveyed, while reinforcing their message of clean energy and environmental stewardship.

Building upon the playful approach taken in Covanta’s existing web and print marketing,

we also proposed a twist on the typical narrative structure seen in corporate videos:  characters that are established as part of the background action break from their activities to address the narrator directly. This irreverent narrative approach adds levity to a commonly dry corporate video style, and it further engages the viewer by echoing their concerns and serving as their representative voice in the video.

Pitch Storyboards—Early visualizations of how character scenes might be incorporated into the layout of the video.

Additional Collateral

I also animated a still image that the company had showing the plant's operation. This video was utilized in part of the video we created, but also as a stand-alone educational aid.